gap year in israel

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While you are on your gap year in Israel you are bound to want to go shopping at some point or another. Both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are home to famous markets, but there are also a large number of huge shopping malls in Israel.

The Dizengoff Centre was Tel Aviv’s first mall when it opened in 1983. It is a vast complex that is easy to get lost in, luckily there is now an app to help you find your way around. The centre is home to both Israeli and foreign stores and once a week there is a food bazaar and designers market.

Jerusalem’s equivalent is probably the Malcha Mall. It is home to well over 200 shops, but is considerably easier to navigate than the Dizengoff Centre. Whatever you are looking for you are bound to be able to find it, from designer clothes to chocolate shops and more. It also has a pretty decent food court.

Back in Tel Aviv there is also the Azrieli Centre. The entire complex is made up of three conjoined towers, a portion of which is a dedicated shopping centre. It is home to a number of stores such as H&M as well as unique Israeli brands and boutiques. While there, you can also enjoy the food court and even take a trip to the top of the tower for a stunning view across the city.

If you just want to walk through a beautiful shopping centre then head to the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem. It is a luxurious shopping avenue that connects the centre of Jerusalem with the Old City. You can walk from one end to the other and on the way you’ll pass a number of designer stores as well as a few restaurants and cafes. However, you will probably find the coffee cheaper when you reach the Jaffa Gate at the end.

Those looking for a touch of Europe should head to the Arena Mall in the Herzliya Marina. The mall is right by the sea and the streets and squares of Italy inspired its design. While you enjoy a day on the beach, you can take a break from the sun and visit more than 100 shops including fashion chains, sportswear, shoes and more.

If you really want to go up-market and pamper yourself with luxury then the G Mall in the north of Tel Aviv is the idea destination. It brings together all your day-to-day needs together with a mixture of unique shops that includes a fashion floor with selected brands, a culinary centre complete with restaurants, delicatessens and cafes, design and art shops, beauty parlours and more. There is even a private banking centre.

Slightly further north is the Ramat Aviv Mall. It is a laidback place that is home to over 130 shops including a number of international chains.

In short, there is no shortage of shopping centres in Israel so if you find yourself short of clothes on your gap year you have plenty of places to buy some more.