Jerusalem Weekly – March 4, 2021

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Dear Parents & Students,

Sunday was Purim in Jerusalem!!! The Hebrew date of Purim is the 14th of the month of Adar, starting the evening before. However, in Jerusalem and other “walled” cities, the holiday is celebrated one day later than everywhere else. Our students heard the Megillah (also known as the Book of Esther), gave Mishloach Manot to one another, and safely celebrated the holiday of Purim!

I am currently in Jerusalem and was lucky enough to experience Purim festivities directly in the shuk. My experience with Purim has been one of the most lively and heartwarming experiences of my life. Compared to my Purim experience back home, I have yet to find an event as fun as Purim in Israel. Not only is there music and festivities, but there are people of all ages wearing costumes. Purim lasted all weekend and takes place all day long, with music in the streets and parades down the shuk. This is an unforgettable holiday that I will cherish and hope to revisit every year in Israel.
-Avigyle Heyman

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Rebecca and Alexandra delivering the cookies to The Lone Soldier Center with their counselor Noga.
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Rebecca and Alexandra delivering the cookies to The Lone Soldier Center with their counselor Noga.
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Tiyul Tuesday – Salad Trail & Shokeda Forest

This Tuesday, we went to the Salad Trail in the south of Israel near Gaza. My roommates and I had a great time; we were allowed to eat all different type of fresh herbs and fruits (for Oli and Josh, even pepper) while seeing this beautiful landscape. The part I enjoyed most was the educational aspect of the trip. We learned how these fruits could grow in the middle of the Negev and how the people dealt with living near Gaza. For the last part of the trip, we went to a flower garden to have lunch. My friends and I found the scenery to be picturesque, and while eating lunch, we reflected on the challenges that the farmers have living right next to the Gaza Strip, and we attempted to put ourselves in their shoes. I found this to be one of my favorite tiyuls. – Gabriel Markowitz

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Two days ago, we all went on a trip to The Salad Trail. It is a big beautiful farm that is unique in that it doesn’t sell any of its food and instead makes money through informational tours. We learned about unique Israeli farming techniques like floating strawberries and planting in plastic pots to honor “shmita” and let the land rest every 7 years as instructed in the Torah. Since none of the food is sold, we were able to try some of the food they grow such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppermint, kumquats, lemons, basil and chives. This farm is located five miles from the Gaza border, so there are many rockets sent there. We learned about an artist who, after seeing a rocket land right next to his foot, transformed something so disturbing into beautiful art. We also got to release doves which was super fun!! – Tobie Bertisch

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When Corona took the world by surprise last March (now a year ago, shockingly), my sister and I became interested in embroidery. I embroidered on everything from pillowcases to my Blundstones, and it was a wonderful way to keep ourselves busy during such a crazy time. That is why I was so excited to join the embroidery activity on Aardvark this week. In the basement of the Ussishkin building, a few of us got together and practiced our embroidery skills together. It was a great way to slow down, listen to music, and talk to each other while creating something beautiful!

– Sophie Goldberg

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Internship In The Spotlight
Robin Yager
I was so excited to start my internship at the French patisserie, Gagou de Paris. I have been working there for two months now and I already learned so much.
On my first day, they asked me to make three different kinds of cookies in a commercial mixer. I made double chocolate, spice cookies, and regular chocolate chip cookies. I learned how to make eclairs and crossaints, and I learned piping skills. I’m lucky to have this internship because it has made me think of pursuing a baking degree when I get home. I am thrilled to learn more during the next three months.
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