gap year in israel

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I began interning for SAGI & Co. early last month, and I have only positive things to say about my experience to date. From the first meeting, the CEO and founder of the multi-layered marketing company, Yaron Sagi, as well as his technology-focused partner, Lior Herman, have paved the way for me to learn from my internship through hands-on experience––and a surprising lack of busywork some internships generally offer.

The motto they have stressed the most from day one is the idea that my internship is as much as I make of it. They are giving me the tools to make the experience unforgettable, and through such projects, they offer me important steps in making connections in the technology and business sectors which will inevitably help my career in the future.

Earlier this morning, SAGI & Co. gave their interns the opportunity to hear from guest speaker May Weissman, a 22-year-old Israeli who ran the mission control operations for the SpaceIL lunar landing mission, when she was right out of the army. With such speakers, the company offers a look into fields which often don’t solicit an audience, and typically do not speak about their projects to the public. Listening to Ms. Weissman and hearing her intriguing story only made me think more about how many opportunities I may get from working with such an innovative and forward-thinking company like SAGI & Co.

I am grateful to be interning for a company that allows me to learn while guiding me but not pushing me toward what I hope to accomplish. They seem less interested in how much work we complete for them, and more in educating their interns so that they can work better in the future.