gap year in israel

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My name is Schlomi Asarja Soussan and I am from Frankfurt, Germany. I went to the Jewish School in Frankfurt (I.E. Lichtigfeldschule)

I wanted to go on a Gap Year because I was quite young when finishing school and wanted to enhance my skills, as well as get to know more people. I was also looking to grow up more and develop my personality and identity. That led me directly to Aardvark Israel because here I can connect to my Jewish identity while learning about the world and gaining skills working in my internship. And I am meeting a bunch of amazing people! I am interning at a Start-Up that developed a treatment for Neurorecovery after suffering brain damage.

After gap year, I am probably going to study physics back in Germany.

Fun fact: I‘m obsessed with drinking sparkling water. Normal water just isn’t tasty at all!

Schlomi asarja soussan