gap year in israel

Yom Kippur

Yom kippur

A young man grew up in a very small and secluded village. He longed to journey beyond his village and see new places. After years of saving money, he managed to accumulate enough money to leave the village. With excitement, he took off to a neighboring town. Upon arrival, he was immediately captivated by his […]

Rosh HaShana Dvar Torah

Rosh hashana dvar torah

The animals of the jungle were crippled with fear. Word had spread like wildfire to every corner of the jungle that the king of the jungle, the mighty lion, was furious at the animals. Every one of them worried for their lives. They convened an emergency meeting to discuss what actions to take given the […]

Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech

Parshat nitzavim-vayelech

The anecdote is told of a man who took out a rather substantial loan. As the payback date approached, the borrower still did not have the finances to pay off his loan. The lender was pressuring him and it was causing him much stress. He came up with a plan to deal with the situation. […]

Sukkot in Israel

Sukkot in israel

So you’re thinking about spending your gap year in Israel? Well, let me tell you about one of the most exciting Jewish holidays celebrated there – Sukkot! Sukkot is a vibrant and joyous holiday that takes place in Israel during the autumn season. It’s a time when people come together to celebrate harvest and commemorate […]

Holiday Season in Israel

Students created their own shofar for the holidays

Israel is a popular destination for individuals looking to embark on a meaningful gap year program. With its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes, Israel offers a unique experience for those seeking personal growth and exploration. During the holiday season in Israel, particularly around Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), the country comes alive […]

Parshat Ki Tavo

Parshat ki tavo

A king once took a stroll in the fields. As he passed by a farm, he couldn’t help but notice a certain worker chucking hay with his pitchfork. The worker had clearly mastered the technique. Beyond his impeccable form, the king marveled at the sheer strength and pace that the worker exhibited. Upon his return […]

Why Take a Gap Year in Israel?

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

If you’re considering going back to school and are interested in exploring new opportunities, a gap year program in Israel might be worth considering. Israel offers a unique and enriching experience for students who want to take a break from traditional education and immerse themselves in a different culture. A gap year in Israel can […]

Back to School in Israel

Can you guess which coding language elliot and robby are learning?

Going back to school in Israel can be an exciting and transformative experience. Whether you are a student returning after a break or an adult looking to further your education, there are several factors to consider when considering this journey. In Israel, the education system is highly regarded globally, with a strong emphasis on academic […]

Parshat Ki Teitzei

Parshat ki teitzei

The anecdote is told of a businessman who was traveling by carriage. He decides to take a short break by a nearby stream. Upon arrival, he sees a man sitting peacefully by the water playing with a large, shiny object. As the businessman approaches closer, he sees that the shiny object is in fact a […]

Parshat Shoftim

Parshat shoftim

There is an ancient Cherokee anecdote that is told of a chief that sits around the fireplace with the children of the reservation. He tells the children, “You should know that within each of you, a war is being waged between two wolves. The first wolf is a wolf of love, tolerance, patience, compassion, peace, […]