gap year in israel

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We are currently in one of the most trying periods in our national history. We’ve experienced unimaginable darkness and devastation. How do we respond in such situations?

We are the people of the Book. When we seek clarity we need look no further than the Book; our holy Torah.

This week we read the Creation saga. The expanse of the world is covered in chaos, void, and darkness. Subsequently, the call comes – “Let there be light!”

Herein lies our guidance from our holy Torah. This week we have seen unprecedented chaos and darkness. Our Torah insists that we must respond with unprecedented goodness and light.

As darkness and evil continues to be eradicated from the world, we are already seeing more light and goodness than ever before. We are seeing greater acts of kindness, greater acts of unity, and greater revelations of truth than ever before. Our people are showing their strength and resilience; That same strength and resilience that arose from the ashes of the Holocaust to make one of the most innovative nations in world history. With 0.2% of the world population our people have won a remarkable 22% of Nobel Peace Prizes.

Friends, as we say in Israel, “This too will pass.” What will not pass is our will to continue to move forward in our unbreakable drive to make a better and more luminous world than ever before.

Our instructions are clear – Let there be light! Each of us must be ambassadors of light and shine more light in proportion to the darkness we have just seen.

May we hear these sacred instructions and merit to respond with greater light, goodness, and hope, as we have already been doing but in an ever-increasing manner.

Shabbat Shalom

Parshat bereshit
Parshat nitzavim-vayelech