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Student of the Week – Sam Leopold

Sam leopold

Boker Toes! Mashlomhow! My name is Sam Leopold and I’m in my second semester on Aardvark. I was introduced to Aardvark by my older brother, who went on the program several years ago. Before joining the program, I was faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to forgo college for a year. At […]

Student of the Week – Becca Carin

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My name is Becca Carin and I’m from Boyds, Maryland. After spending almost six months in Israel with Aardvark, I can say for a fact that this program has helped me grow. I grew up with strong Jewish connections, from living at my temple every week to becoming president of my youth group and temple […]

Student of the Week – Josh Cohen

Josh cohen

My name is Josh Cohen and I am from Columbia, Maryland. This is my second semester on Aardvark, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m having such a great time that I’m looking to study at Hebrew University in the coming years. Back home I grew up in a hyper-competitive environment. At many points in my […]

Student of the Week – Annabelle Farris

Annabelle farris

My name is Annabelle Farris and I’m from Colorado Springs, CO. This is my first semester on Aardvark, and it has been a blast so far! I chose to have a gap year because I wanted to take some time before school to really focus on my passions and experience living in a different culture.Through […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem December 14, 2018

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Dear Parents and Students, This week was absolutely incredible. Not only did we get together with the Tel Aviv group for a fantastic 2-day trip, but we also had the chance to meet some incredible Israelis of our own age. Here are the highlights from this week: On Sunday, we decided to begin the week […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 14, 2018

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Dear Parents, This last week was a very special week. The excitement that grows towards the end of the semester peeked with our two-day trip to the Galil. In addition to the trip, we had a week full of fun and thought provoking activities that I am happy to tell you all about. On Sunday evening, […]

Student of the Week – Lilach Sachs

Hi! My name is Lilach Sachs and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I was born in Cape Town and lived there for seven years. I then lived in Boca Raton, Florida for five years before returning back home. I went to Jewish day school up until ninth grade, which is where I learned all […]

Student of the week – Jared Suffet

Hello, my name is Jared Suffet. I am from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I was born in the city of Chicago and for three years of my life, I lived there just a block away from Wrigley Field, before moving to Northbrook. I attended Jewish after school programming until grade 8. I learned most […]

Student of the week – Gina Lewis

Gina lewis

Hi, my name is Gina; I am from, London, England, and I am studying on Aardvark in Jerusalem. I have grown up surrounded by the same friends all my life and for me, one of the goals for my gap year was to get away from the London bubble and meet new people, Aardvark has […]

Student of the Week – Abby

Student of the week - abby

Hi! My name is Abby Hockstein and I’m from Closter, NJ. After my gap year I will be attending Tulane University in New Orleans. Coming from a school where almost everyone goes straight to college, I never really considered taking a gap year. It was actually my parents (who both took gap years in Israel) […]