Weekly Updates – April 14, 2022

Joel schapira and zeke having a special treat after a busy day!

Shalom Parents and Students! This has become a habit, so here is our Israeli weather report! This week was pretty cloudy in Israel. No rain, but cloudy weather indeed, with some sunshine here and there, and higher temperatures on some days. Scroll down to see what our students have been up to >> Levontin community […]

Student of the Week – Grant Titlebaum

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

“My name is Grant Titlebaum and I am from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Solon. I chose to go on a gap year to mature and better myself. Also, back home is kind of a bubble for me. All my family and friends live around me. I work close to home and I don’t […]

Student of the Week – Safy Irwin

Safy irwin

I chose to go on a gap year because I wanted to volunteer with MADA (Israeli Emergency Services). I did lots of research to find the correct programme for me as I didn’t want to just come to Israel for 5 weeks for MADA, I also wanted to explore Israel to see its unique spots! […]

Weekly Updates – April 7, 2022

Selah students at king david hotel in jerusalem

Shalom Parents and Students! Ok, it’s officially here – Summer! This week has been extremely hot, not that we are bothered by it after all the rain we had just a few weeks ago! So every day with sunshine is welcome. How did our students spend the first days of Summer, you ask? Scroll down […]

Student of the Week – Alex Guy Sandler

Alex guy sandler

I chose to go on a gap year because after spending two years in lockdown, I realised I wasn’t ready yet to begin university. I needed more time to experience more, develop and understand myself. Aardvark was a natural choice, a program where you get back everything that you put in and so much more. […]

Its July

Its july

My name is Yoav Konstantino and I’m from California. For my internship, I write code at a small startup in Tel Aviv called Its July. It’s a platform that provides traveling families with inside information, recommendations, and opportunities for unique experiences. I picked this internship because I knew I’d get a lot of hands-on experience […]

Weekly Updates – March 31, 2022

Lulu, rony, claire, and alexa looking fierce!

Shalom Parents and Students! Spring (or more to say, summer, because here in Israel it just goes straight to hot) has finally arrived in Israel! How did our students spend the first days of Spring, you ask? Scroll down to read all about it. >> Jerusalem students in Gan Sacher Lulu, Rony, Claire, and Alexa […]



My name is Adam Grossman and I’m from London. I am interning at iAngels, a venture capital firm in Tel Aviv. I chose this internship because I have always had an interest in finance and I am studying economics next year at university. I do really interesting work with the investments team and I have […]

Overnight Tiyul at the Western Galilee – Eitan Brown

Overnight tiyul at the western galilee

Our overnight trip to Acre was an amazing experience, especially as every community was there and we were able to socialise with those we hadn’t seen for a long time. We started the trip off with a hike, you could pick either the easy, medium or difficult one. I personally chose the difficult hike, which […]


When vr meets medicare

OpSci is a startup that is based in Modiin. They are developing a product that looks a lot like your typical VR headset, however, it is a medical device that measures eye pressure. This product will be used in glaucoma patients in order to easily take measurements at home to send to their doctors. The […]