gap year in israel

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem January 31, 2019

Shalom Parents & Students, Another busy week has come to an end here on Aardvark Jerusalem and our students are slowly settling into the program’s daily routine. Now it is my pleasure to tell you about some of the highlights from the past week.  On Sunday we began the week we the monthly community talk in […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv January 18, 2019

Dear Parents, The second week of our semester has ended and after two busy weeks full of activities and traveling, it seems as if our students have come together and already formed close friendships with one another, which contributes to the amazing vibes we are feeling. As promised, each week I will send you an […]

Student of the Week – Ethan Harkavy

Hey guys, my name is Ethan Harkavy and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I have just started my second semester on the program. I found Aardvark while looking online after I decided I wanted to do a gap year before going to college. I came on the program because of how much freedom they give […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem September 6, 2018

Dear Parents & Students, This was our second week of the program, and it was AMAZING!!! We began on Sunday with a session about academic lessons and the different classes we have to offer here on Aardvark. We also had a session about the importance of Internships and Volunteering. The students then had free time to clean […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv September 6, 2018

Dear parents, It has been an amazing week. We have had a great time traveling and running fun activities with your children and now I’m excited to tell you about the week’s highlights. Here we go: On Sunday, the students had interesting lectures and workshops on internships, volunteering, and Israeli culture, later in the day […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv September 1, 2018

Dear parents, It has been an amazing week. We have had a great time meeting your children and I am excited to tell you all of the highlights from the past week. Here we go: As you know, the students arrived throughout Monday and started to get to know each other and the staff. For […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem September 1, 2018

Dear Parents and Students, Our first week in Jerusalem was a busy, eventful and exciting one. Here are some highlights: The week began on Monday with the students arriving, beginning to settle into their new apartments, and meeting their roommates and their madrichim. They have been enjoying getting to know one other and acclimating to their new […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 7, 2017

Dear Parents, The week was really fun and I have lots to tell you, so let’s get started. As usual, on Sunday, there were activities for both the Entrepreneurship and the Sea Sport groups. The Entrepreneurship group had another session with Robert Frohlinger. The session was titled, “How can you help Israel continue to succeed […]