Czech Republic 2017

Czech republic 2017 jewish agency

2017 Czech Republic – Days 1 & 2 Dear Parents, We just got back to the hotel after another incredible day! Charlie and I are enjoying spending time with your children and seeing the excitement on their faces at every turn. We can hardly believe how much we’ve been able to pack into the first […]

Lone Soldiers in the IDF

Gap year program in israeli army

Lone Soldiers in the IDF If you make Aliyah as a young person the chances are that you will have to serve in the IDF for at least six months. Due to this system, there are always a number of soldiers in the army without any immediate family in Israel, at present there are around […]

Student of the Week – Liat Dorani

Student of the week - liat dorani jewish agency

Student of the Week – Liat Dorani Hi! My name is Liat Dorani, and I’m from Philadelphia , PA. I graduated from The Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy. Being president of my schools Israel club made it obvious to me that I would be spending a year In Israel before college was the thing I […]

A Brief History of Israel’s Railways

A brief history of israel’s railways

A Brief History of Israel’s Railways During your gap year, you will probably take a train in Israel at some point. These days the train service is modern, relatively reliable and can take you around large parts of the country. However, the train service has undergone many stages of evolution over the last one hundred […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv October 27, 2017

Kibbutz ketura,south of israel in the arava desert

Tel Aviv October 27, 2017 Shalom Parents! We have had an exciting week! On Sunday evening we had an activity about social media. The activity focused on the effects of social media on our lives and the ways we choose to use it. On Monday we had our monthly community talk. We started with a game that […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv October 20, 2017

Camping weekend on a moshav near modiin called havat habarbur

October 20, 2017 Tel Aviv Weekly Updates  Hello dear parents, It has been a busy week here on Aardvark Tel Aviv with the students returning to the weekly routine after the holidays. Before telling you about the week we had, I want to start with last weekend. Nineteen students from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv opted to […]

Spain 2017

Spain 2017 jewish agency

Spain 2017 – Day 1 Shalom from the end of an exciting, smooth, enjoyable and exhausting first day of our trip to Spain.From the minute the students alighted the buses (all on time and to their credit, very early in the morning at 5am!) things ran smoothly and we began our journey. Everyone showed patience […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv October 11, 2017

Weekly updates - tel aviv october 11, 2017 jewish agency

October 11, 2017 Tel Aviv Weekly Updates  Dear Parents, Moadim L’Simcha! It has been an amazing week full of activities keeping us busy from morning until night every day.The week was mainly dedicated to Sukkot and the students had a blast with all of the different activities. On Sunday we began the day with an activity […]

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben gurion airport jewish agency

Ben Gurion Airport When you arrive in Israel the chances are that you will have landed at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main international airport. The airport is just 15 kilometres from Tel Aviv and about 70 kilometres from Jerusalem, making it ideally situation for the vast majority of travellers. However, the airport was not always […]

New York 2017

New york 2017 jewish agency

New York 2017 Day 1 Dear Parents, Shalom from New York City!!! After arriving at JFK airport, we began our day in the United States with a Breakfast of Champions at Dunkin Donuts. In Israel we think that we have the market cornered on sufganiyuot, but let me tell you, we may be wrong about […]