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Reflections on the first week out of quarantine

by Ben Rubinstein from Los Altos, California The first week out of quarantine has been very eventful: from hikes to workshops to finally meeting everyone face-to-face, there’s a lot to speak about. However, this week has made me recall a story I was told in Day School: When Jews would make Aliyah to Israel, I […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem February 9, 2018

Unicameral national legislature of israel - the knesset

Dear Parents Here are the highlights from our week, In Sunday’s apartment meeting, our madrichim brought us different scenarios and questions to answer. They helped us address different world dilemmas and more local apartment issues. We really enjoy our Sunday apartment meetings because it is time we get to spend with our madrich or madricha […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem March 19, 2017

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Dear Parents and Students, Here are some of the best moments from the past week: It was Purim on Sunday! In the morning we made Hamentashens and went to the nursing home across the street to hand out them out along with some other snacks. We sang Purim songs and had a great time.In the […]