Daily Update – January 9, 2019

Daily update wednesday january 9

January 9, 2019 Daily Update  The students began the day at The Salad Trail. The Salad Trail is an unforgettable experience in the greenhouses of the Habsor region in the northern Negev. We were guided by the agronomist Uri Alon (a specialist in international agriculture.) We observed the most up to date agricultural technologies- the […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 6, 2018

Weekly updates - tel aviv december 6, 2018 travel

Tel Aviv December 6, 2018 Dear Parents: This week was a special week because we celebrated Hanukkah which brought with it light and family values into our program. On Sunday evening- our Madrichim organized an activity including lighting the candles in our Moadon for everyone. In the activity, the Madrichim made a fun quiz “Kahoot” about […]

Students of the Week – Alex & Jonathan Nulman

Students of the week - alex & jonathan nulman travel

Students of the Week – Alex & Jonathan Nulman Jonathan Nulman:Hello everyone! I’m Jonathan Nulman from Morristown, New Jersey. I am also the twin with the better beard (that should be enough information to help you figure out which one I am in the picture). I have loved Israel for as long as I can […]

China 2018

China 2018 travel

China 2018 Day 1 Dear Parents, The group had an amazing (and exhausting) first day in China. After long lines at Ben Gurion airport and quite a wait to get through security, the group was off and away. The flight was uneventful, making it a great flight of course. Upon arriving in China, everyone donned […]

Student of the Week – Elan Ganz

Student of the week - elan ganz travel

Student of the Week – Elan Ganz Hello, my name is Elan Ganz and my story began 18 years ago, on August 9, 2000, when I was born in the lobby of a hospital. I am from Newton, Massachusetts, which is in the greater Boston area, and I live there with my parents Michael and […]

Student of the week – Noah Hirsch

Student of the week - noah hirsch travel

Student of the week – Noah Hirsch Hey Aardvark, it’s Noah Hirsch for the student of the week. I was born in the greatest city in America, Indianapolis, Indiana. I am the youngest of seven children, five boys and two girls, and my siblings are my best friends. Ever since I visited in seventh grade […]

Spain 2018

Spain 2018 travel

Spain 2018 We’re on our way… Dear Parents (mine included ), As you’ll see in the attached photo, we are at the airport waiting for our flight. (I think Justin has found the most comfortable place to crash for now – on the golf cart!) We are tired and looking forward to settling into our seats […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv September 28, 2018

Weekly updates – tel aviv september 28, 2018 travel

Tel Aviv September 28, 2018 Dear Parents, We are approaching the end of yet another short but fun and eventful week. In a few days, when the holiday season is over, we will finally settle into our regular routine complete with new challenges and opportunities for our students. We are pleased to announce that we […]

Student of the Week – Avi Bendayan

Student of the week - avi bendayan travel

Student of the Week – Avi Bendayan Hi Everyone! My name is Avi Bendayan and I come from Pembroke Pines, Florida. Both of my parents were born in Israel, so while growing up I was always been exposed to Israeli culture. Over the years, have developed my love for the State of Israel and every […]

First Day – Aardvark Tel Aviv

First day - aardvark tel aviv travel

First Day – Aardvark Tel Aviv Shalom Parents, We had a busy and interesting first day here on Aardvark Tel Aviv! I just wanted to let you know that apart from five students who are scheduled to arrive later tonight and tomorrow, everyone has arrived safe and sound. After an enjoyable welcome dinner and a […]