gap year in israel

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One of the great things about spending your gap year with Aardvark in Israel is that you will get to meet people from across the world. Part of the fun is that you can learn about each other’s cultures and for many the best part of that is the food. If you are based in Tel Aviv this becomes even easier as it is so easy to find all kinds of food from around the world.

With Turkey so close to Israel you are sure to be curious about its food and one of the best places to discover Turkish cuisine is the restaurant Onza hidden away in the Jaffa Flea Market. The restaurant combines the cobblestone streets with music and candlelight for atmosphere. On Sundays they host authentic Turkish nights where you can feat on fantastic kebabs from Gaziantep, lima bean puree, meat topped pastries, traditional simit bread and suklack, a rice based pudding with pistachio ice cream for dessert. On other nights the menu still offers a number of other Ottoman inspired food together with unique additions and takes on the food such as fried cauliflower salad.

With the Mediterranean on your doorstep you may also become curious about Greek food and for this you can head to Capitan, a Greek grill and bar in the middle of Shuk HaCarmel (the Carmel Market). It is hidden on one of the side streets but has a distinctive blue and white façade. There you will find fresh fish and salads together with traditional Greek cuisine such as fried halloumi and tzatziki. It has a bar like setup and is usually packed with young people and the atmosphere is completed with some fantastic Greek music.

Moving away from Israel’s neighbours to Mexico you can find quality authentic food at La Otra ‘House of Eats and Spirits’ but it brings with it a Caribbean twist. The décor will remind you of The Pirates of the Caribbean as the place is adorned with skulls and Mexican imagery. It is the sister of the Craft Cocktail bar which is next door and as a result it also offers some fantastic drinks. As a result the menu is a mixture of spicy food and spicy drinks and the kitchen even brings authentic ingredients all the way from Mexico.

Israelis love traveling to Thailand so it is no surprise that it is possible to get some excellent Thai food in Israel. One of the best places in Tel Aviv is ‘Thai At Har Sinai’. It is located in a courtyard just off of Allenby Street and it attracts a mixture of tourists and locals. It uses authentic ingredients to create fantastic East Asian foods and you can expect an abundance of chilli and fresh seafood. The place is also host to a live DJ so it is a great location for a complete night out.

These are just a few of the many varied culinary delights that can be found in Tel Aviv and during your time in Israel you are sure to find a number of favourites.