gap year in israel
My name is Kerren Leibowitz. I am from Johannesburg South Africa. I participated Aardvark in January 2014- June 2014. Oy! My favourite memory… I have to say the one thing that I loved the most was Shavuot. We spent it in the Old City in Jerusalem. We took a bus before Yom Tov came in and stayed there all night. We had dinner in a hall and then we walked around to all different Rabbi’s for learning. The most life changing part was to see how many people, from all different backgrounds, came together at 4:00 in the morning to the Kotel where everyone was just davening with the most amazing light coming from the sun rise. I have stayed in contact with some of the people that I met. Unfortunately with time differences it has become challenging somewhat but we try. On Aardvark I saw Israel in a whole new way. I had been to Israel before but on Aardvark I got to see and experience things like I never had before. The people, the different cultures, the food, the places. I have been back since but I couldn’t get the experience like I had before. Since I left Aardvark I have worked at a radio station, helped out at shul functions, au pairing, and I am now in my second year of college studying events management and marketing. What would my advice be to future Aardvarkians? Make sure that you take every single thing in and experience everything to the fullest ‘what you put in you get out’.
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