gap year in israel

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Being a somewhat out the way country in the Middle East many will assume that Israel is behind the latest fashions of Europe and America. However, while the fashions in Israel may not always entirely match up with other parts of the world, there is certainly a vibrant scene for those interested in the world of clothes.

Tel Aviv is home to a number of crowded shopping malls but the most popular and trendiest stores tend to be located in the heart of the city on streets such as Sheinkin and Dizengoff. If you are more interested in high-end fashion then you will find local and international brands on sale in neighbourhoods such as Neve Tsedek or Kikar Hamedina.

Around Tel Aviv you will find a number of :story stores. This people behind :story have taken it upon themselves to scour the world in search of unique clothing and shoes for men, women and children. There is a great variety of brands on offer including Melissa, Herschel Backpacks and more.

If you are missing Europe then head to Mel Boutique, there is one on Disengoff and one on Bograshov. The store specialises in European styles for women. There is a variety of jewellery from Belgium and Israel and you will find purses from Italy and shoes from Paris. Furthermore, each item is unique and it is highly unlikely you’ll find them anywhere else in Israel. It’s definitely a worth a visit if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

One of the latest places to open is Tess Boutique, it is located on Shenkin and offers many styles for women. The majority of the products come from France and it is perfect whether you are looking for a fancy dress or a casual outfit. In addition to clothing you can also find Reminiscence Perfumes and trendy jewellery to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

If you are after something more Israeli then look out for the Dana Ashkenazi shops which are located throughout the country. The brand is known for its ‘rock and roll appeal’. The woman behind it, Dana Ashkenazi, is a firm believer that trends shouldn’t be followed but invented. As a result you will find a number of unique styles from cotton shirts in a variety of colours to stylish evening dresses. You will also find a range of accessories such as shoes, purses and hats.

Those that prefer to stick to international brands should take a trip to Tha Switch which aims to bring the latest trends from around the world: Europe, America, Australia and even Asia. The shop is located on Shenkin Street and it carries a truly impressive range of brands such as Scotch & Soda, Goliath, Silent Theory and more. You will even find limited edition pieces that are extremely hard to find elsewhere.

In short, don’t worry about spending a year in the Middle East, you can enjoy the latest fashions and trends just as easily in Israel as anywhere else in the world.