gap year in israel
“Suhh! My name is Jake Wisotsky and I’m from Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

One of the primary reasons I came to do a gap year in Israel was to improve as an individual and become one with the culture of my people. Israel had much to offer in these fields. I began looking at options to come to Israel, but it was just an idea at the time. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue the idea of doing this yet. This didn’t go far until my mother found out that I was interested in being in the state of Israel. She then got involved and introduced me to this concept I never heard of called a “Gap year program”. I explained to her that it wasn’t for me and I would just start my first year at college like all of my other friends. I was soon convinced by my brother who is a strong Zionistic person. He persuasively suggested I go to Israel on a gap year because simply when else would I ever be able to spend time in Israel for so long? After a through thought process, I decided that doing a Gap year program would be a great idea to pursue. Soon I began doing research and discovered Aardvark. After reviewing the program, I was extremely impressed, but truly enjoyed the idea of the amount of freedom Aardvark offered, as well as the internship opportunities. These were pivotal reasons as to why I chose Aardvark.

Here we are today in the future and I can’t be happier with the choice I made. From living in Jerusalem I was able to take part in the Selah add on and learned with Rav Marc about the importance and what it really means to be a Jew. Currently, living in Tel Aviv I am interning at a record label called JOY Records. Here I am able to use my skills in Social Media Marketing and also help promote for them. A side project I am working on there is a short documentary featuring two DJ’s – “Levi & Suiss”. Videography has always been a passion of mine, and this is an amazing way to pursue it. These opportunities have fulfilled my general intentions that I originally had coming into the state of Israel, but more importantly – Aardvark.

The experiences and friends that I’ve made here are priceless. These are memories and connections that will most certainly last a life time. From causing havoc in Israel to China, I can’t wait for my post travels with my friends. The community of Florentine has a lot to offer to us as students too. From amazing restaurants, convenient laundry places, various bars, and much more all my friends and I always stay LIT. Next year I intend to major in Fashion Merchandise Marketing at FIT in New York City. I personally have adapted to the culture here in Israel and can say that it will be more than hard adjusting to NYC next year. But thanks to Aardvark – Israel will have a powerful meaning in my heart for eternity.”
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