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Student of the week – Josh Pincus

Hey, my name is Josh Pincus. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and I have always planned to take a gap year in Israel after finishing school.
I have always felt a deep connection with Israel. My intention was to find a gap year program that allows you to absorb Israeli culture and at the same time teaches you how to be independent. Thanks to the independent living arrangements while on Aardvark I have also leant the importance of cooking (not just Cofix) and cleaning.As Aardvark Israel allows its students to choose from a wide variety of internships I was able to select an internship that appeals to me. I intern at StarTau in Tel Aviv, an entrepreneurship center that provides startups with the resources necessary to expand and grow.
I am looking forward to a great semester together with some great BANTA!

Student of the week - Josh Pincus


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