gap year in israel

Germany 2019

Day 1 Dear Parents, Guten Abend aus Berlin! Good evening from Berlin! After a wonderful and exhausting first day in Germany, everyone is back at the hotel, probably already sound asleep as I write this. Our day started at 3:00 am as we headed off to the airport for our early morning flight. Some of […]

Berlin 2018

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Day 1 Hello everyone, Our first day in Berlin has just ended and we are tired but extremely happy. After a long night with very little sleep, we landed in Berlin this morning. We were picked up at the airport, left our bags in the hotel and dove straight into our schedule. After the students […]

Germany 2017

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Day 1 On are first day in Germany, we began our visit with a surprise, snow, a very pleasant surprise indeed. While we did not expect it, the students were happy to have a first-hand experience of the European winter. After lunch, the group headed out to begin a tour of the City of Berlin […]

Germany 2013

Museum the story of berlin

Day 1 Berlin really was a very cool city before those nasty Nazis. We have all seen Cabaret and Schindler’s list so they both cover the entire story…. Today Berlin is back to being really really cool and there are very few Nazis around to spoil the fun. Apparently the trip to Germany was easy […]