gap year in israel

Student of the Week – Gadiel Shepherd

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Hi, my name is Gadiel Shepherd and I come from Johannesburg, South Africa! I joined the Aardvark programme because I liked the idea of balancing volunteering/internship, traveling all of Israel, Ulpan and Jewish learning. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet friends from many countries, as well as learn about myself and explore Israel. […]

Alumni of the Month – Natalie Selvin

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Hey! My name’s Natalie Selvin, and I attended Aardvark Israel during Spring Semester of last year (2018) in Jerusalem! So I’ve only been in the army for a month, but so far it’s definitely been an experience! My interest in the army all started a few years ago while in Israel on a month-long summer […]

Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv May 5, 2019

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Dear Parents, After the spring break ended, our students returned to the program with lots of happy and exciting experiences, trips and stories to share with everyone about their time at home or abroad with family and friends. We, Aardvark Tel-Aviv staff, were all looking forward to seeing our students again and we chose to […]

Alumni of the Month – Shira Goldsmith

Shira goldsmith

My name is Shira Goldsmith. I am 21, I currently live in Jerusalem and serve as the head medic in the co-ed combat unit of Karakal. The year of 2016, after I graduated High School, was spent on Aardvark Israel. Moving to Israel was always in my plan, it always seemed to be my destination. […]

Weekly Updates – Jerusalem May 5, 2019

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Shalom Parents! We hope everyone had a wonderful Passover holiday! This week in Jerusalem, it was great to hear from all of the students about their adventures and celebrations during the time off. We had a very busy week, with so much going on! This time of year in Israel is always an exciting one […]

Alumni of the Month – Shlomi Efergan

Shlomi efergan

Hi my name is Shlomi Efergan from Ocean Pines Maryland and I was on Aardvark Israel 2018-2019. About a year and a half ago I made the best decision of my life. I left the US and started 9 amazing months on Aardvark. I had no clue how much those 9 months would effect my […]

Germany 2019

Day 1 Dear Parents, Guten Abend aus Berlin! Good evening from Berlin! After a wonderful and exhausting first day in Germany, everyone is back at the hotel, probably already sound asleep as I write this. Our day started at 3:00 am as we headed off to the airport for our early morning flight. Some of […]

Alumni of the Month – Daniel Bard

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My name is Daniel Bard, I’m 22 years old from Chevy Chase Maryland. I was on Aardvark Israel in 2016-2017 and am now serving as a combat medic in the 101st IDF paratroopers brigade. After I returned to the United States from Aardvark, I didn’t really feel at home in America and I had already […]

Student of the Week – Dovi Rosenberg

Dovi rosenberg

Hi, my name is Dovi Rosenberg, I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I have been granted the amazing opportunity to be a student on the Aardvark Spring Semester 2019. Having graduated from a Modern Orthodox School in Sydney, I have taken a natural step forward in coming to Israel for my gap year before beginning my […]

Student of the Week – Hannah Dannheisser

Hannah dannheisser

Hey everyone, my name is Hannah Michaela Dannheisser. I am 19 years old and from Johannesburg, South Africa. Yes, I am from Africa and no, we do not ride elephants to work. Now that that has been cleared up, I can tell you a little bit about my Aardvark experience thus far. I am currently […]