gap year in israel

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My name is Shira Goldsmith. I am 21, I currently live in Jerusalem and serve as the head medic in the co-ed combat unit of Karakal. The year of 2016, after I graduated High School, was spent on Aardvark Israel. Moving to Israel was always in my plan, it always seemed to be my destination.

Aardvark helped me fulfill my dream of making Aliyah by allowing me to immerse myself in culture and volunteer work; Aardvark was for me a stepping stone.

I have always been interested in medicine, therefore during my year at Aardvark I volunteered for Magen David Adom and Alyn Hospital. These experiences readied me for the medic training I would undergo in the army. I chose to serve as a combat soldier because I believed that this would be the most fulfilling experience for me. Once I finished 7 months of basic training I was sent to medics course where I studied for 4 months. The training was difficult but once I finished I was truly prepared for anything.

Today I serve on the Egyptian border. I run a team of combat medics who specialize in emergency and combat medicine, as well as the day to day running of a clinic on base. Today I received an award of exemplary work in medicine for the entire southern district.

I believe that the work I do here is important and I am grateful for the experience to serve my country.

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