gap year in israel
Sep 9th – December 21st


VENUE: Aardvark Jerusalem Office (Ezrat Israel 3)


  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills for developing software in WEB technologies.
  • Internship in technology companies in order to improve skills and gain practical experience.
  • Quality meetings and exposure to different sectors in the software world.


A semester of training on Full Stack development using the TaskForce technique learning method based on projects and tasks and exposure to different companies and sectors in the industry, after which the talented will specialize in high-tech companies for a semester.

Tech Trek

High-Quality Tours in Israeli High-Tech

During the tours, we offer educational workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, software development, product development, and more, Which provide important insights into the world of high-tech startups. Our tours are multidimensional and we aim to expose you to employees at different levels from senior management, to the production floor.






15 academic hours

Introduction to Full Stack Development

Explanation of what full stack development is, Overview of the different layers of full stack development. History of full stack development Tools and technologies commonly used in full stack development. 


15 academic hours 

Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Creating a basic web page with HTML and CSS

JavaScript data types, variables, and control structures

Basic functions and event handling in JavaScript

TechTrek Tour


15 academic hours 

Frontal frames and libraries

Familiarity with front-end frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.

Overview of front-end libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap.

Advantages and disadvantages of using frameworks and libraries.

Setting up a project using a front-end framework or library.


15 academic hours

Server Side Programming - Part 1

An introduction to server-side programming languages such as Node.js, Python and Ruby.

Setting up a server using Node.js and Express.

Creating RESTful APIs with server-side languages.

Understanding server-side templating engines.


10 academic hours 

Server Side Programming - Part 2

Advanced server-side programming concepts.

Working with databases and server-side frameworks.

Authentication and authorization in server-side applications

Handling errors and getting into server-side development

TechTrek Tour


15 academic hours 

Databases and data management

Introduction to databases and data management.

Overview of popular databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

Building and designing databases.

Connecting and querying databases using server-side languages


15 academic hours 

Version control with Git

An introduction to version control with Git.

Understanding the basics of Git such as repositories, commits and branches.

Using Git to collaborate and manage code changes.

Understanding Git workflow and branching strategies

TechTrek Tour 


15 academic hours

Testing and Debugging

Importance of testing and debugging in software development.

Types of testing such as unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing.

Debugging techniques and tools.

Strategies for writing effective tests and debugging code


15 academic hours

Layout and infrastructure

Introduction to layout and infrastructure.

Understanding the different deployment options such as onpremise, cloud and hybrid.

Establishment and management of server infrastructure.

Continuous integration and deployment strategies


15 academic hours

Security and Performance

The importance of security and performance in web applications

Understanding common security threats such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Techniques for securing web applications.

Strategies for improving web application performance.

TechTrek Tour 


15 academic hours

Advanced front-end development

Advanced topics in front-end development such as state management, performance optimization and accessibility.

Working with front-end build tools such as Webpack and Gulp.

Best practices for front-end development.

Introduction to responsive web design and mobile development 


15 academic hours

Advanced server-side development

Advanced topics in server-side development such as web sockets, authentication and authorization, and scaling.

Working with server-side build tools such as Grunt and NPM

Best practices for server-side development

Introduction to serverless architecture and microservices

TechTrek Tour


15 academic hours

Full Development Project - Part 1

Introduction to the full development project

Project planning and requirements gathering

Front end development and user interface design

Backend development and database integration


20 academic hours

Full Development Project - Part 2

Implementation of advanced features in the full stack project

Testing and debugging the application

Optimizing performance and scalability

Principles of user experience (UX) design.

TechTrek Tour


10 academic hours

Full Development Project - Part 3

Adding security measures to the complete project

Deploying the application to a production environment

Continuous integration and delivery methods

Project documentation and code reviews 


20 academic hours

Presentation of a project and completion of the course

Presentation and demo of the complete web application project

Reflection on the learning journey

Career opportunities and next steps in full development

Course evaluation and feedback

Methodian, a leading provider of training and placement services in the high-tech industry.
Methodian has developed a proven methodology to help aspiring developers acquire the skills and hands-on experience they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

The program begins with a semester of training for programmers using the TaskForce technique, a learning method based on projects and tasks inspired by the international method of the School42 organization. During this semester, the participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for software development in WEB technologies.

After the training semester, the talented participants will have the opportunity to intern in high-tech companies for a semester. This internship program is designed to help participants improve their skills and gain practical experience by working alongside experienced industry professionals. Participants will be exposed to different companies and industry sectors, providing them with valuable insights
into the latest trends and technologies.

Overall, the program aims to provide participants with quality meetings and exposure to various sectors of the software world, helping them build their knowledge, skills and professional network.

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