gap year in israel

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If you haven’t spent much time in Tel Aviv, you may be surprised by how many beauty spots the city has beyond the beaches. You are bound to spend some time on your gap year posting photos to social media, so be sure that you don’t miss out on the city’s most photogenic spots.

You will of course need the obligatory sea photos, so why not go to take some at Tel Aviv Port. While there, you can enjoy some fantastic dining and shopping opportunities. The area is always alive, with families there during the day and a night scene loved by young adults. You are bound to have a fantastic time and capture some great photos along the way.

Florentin is one of Tel Aviv’s most famous neighbourhoods and part of what gives it its character is the masses of street art that can be found covering nearly every wall. The art is created by a wide range of artists in different styles, and much of it has powerful social or political messages. You should definitely do you best to capture some of it, as you are sure to look back on it fondly in years to come.

You will also want some photos of Tel Aviv architecture. There is great variety in the city and something for almost every taste. For instance, you could take pictures of Pagoda House, which is on the corner of Nachmani and Montefiore streets. It was originally built for the Polish ambassador and it was the first private home in Tel Aviv to have a lift. The building has a pagoda on top, which gives it its name, and it is truly a site to behold.

Alternatively, if you like modern buildings then head over to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The latest addition to the building, The Amir Wing, is amazing to behold thanks to its bold design. Two architects, an American and an Israeli designed the building. The site they were building on was the shape of a triangle and the building could not be very tall. However, they overcame these challenges to create a truly interesting building.

You will no doubt make many trips to the market during your year in Tel Aviv. However, make sure that you don’t get so caught up in the excitement, sights and sounds, that you forget to capture it for posterity. There are a huge number of colourful stalls selling all kinds of different things, and many of them make for stunning pictures.

Many people will tell you that Tel Aviv’s most beautiful neighbourhood is Neveh Tzedek. It was the first Jewish neighbourhood in the city and was built towards the end of the nineteenth century. It is packed with independent art galleries, jewellery shops, clothing boutiques, and so on, and it is certainly a place you will want to remember.

There are many more places in Tel Aviv that deserve to be mentioned, such as Habima, the many examples of Bauhaus architecture, the artistic lifeguard huts on the beaches, and most of the city of Jaffa. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of them while enjoying your gap year.