gap year in israel

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Dear Parents,

Shana Tova!

As you probably already know, this week was very special here in Israel thanks to the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. All of the students went away for the long weekend and spent the holiday with family, friends, Jewish communities, and some even went to dinner at our staff’s homes.

Everyone got back yesterday (Wednesday). Some of the students went to their internships while others went on a trip to the Israel Museum where they were able to explore and learn a bit about Israeli art.

Everyone returned to their classes in the early afternoon and in the evening we had an amazing “Siyur Slichot” (a forgiveness tour leading up to Yom Kippur) guided by Rabbi Marc in Old Jaffa. During the Siyur Rabbi Marc took us through some historical, religious, interesting and beautiful places (often all four at once) while we listened to different songs related to Yom Kippur and spoke about the meaning of asking and accepting forgiveness and doing “Heshbon Nefesh”.

On a different note, we are pleased to announce that we officially began our Sea Sport add-on last week and have already had a great deal of fun and success with it. Last Wednesday those doing the add-on went to Lake TLV, a lake for water skiing & wakeboarding with a cable system, and yesterday they took a beginners’ surfing class on Trumpeldor Beach in Tel-Aviv.

Next week on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, we will be following our regular program and on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be on a break for Yom Kippur. Our staff will arrange a meal both before and after the fast for students that would like to attend.

Below please find the schedule for the upcoming week alongside some great pictures from last week.
We are already excited about next week.

The madrich on call for this weekend is Tali.

Have a great week and Gmar Chatima Tova,

Eyal Haim