gap year in israel

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Israel is known for producing many things, from technological innovations, to fruit and vegetables. Another area where the country excels is cosmetics. There are numerous Israeli brands that are popular across the world and it’s more than likely that you have seen them on sale near you.

The most famous brand is Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. The company produces a large range of skincare products that are made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. It is a truly global company with flagship stores in Israel, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, and more. They produce products for all skin types, anti-aging products, hand cream, foot cream, facial cleanser, body milk, facial creams, and much more. People have long believed that the mud from the shores of the Dead Sea is good for the skin and the company’s products harness this and have become popular across the world.

Another hugely popular Israeli brand is Sabon Shel Pa’am, Hebrew for ‘Old-Fashioned Soap’. Outside of Israel the brand is simply known as Sabon, Hebrew for ‘soap’. The company was created by Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler Levi. They have stores in over 30 locations across Israel, as well as internationally in New York, Chicago, LA, and eight cities in Europe. Unsurprisingly, their primary product is soap, and when they opened their first shop, they were selling it by weight. Today they have a larger range of skincare and cosmetic products. The company is distinctive for its old-fashioned style, in addition to selling soap by weight, they sell things in reusable glass jars, and their stores are designed to look like they are from a bygone age. If you are spending your gap year in Tel Aviv you can visit their original shop on Sheinkin Street to get a true feel for the company.

There are many more small Israeli cosmetic firms producing a range of products. For example, Obey Your Body produces a similar range of products to Ahava, but is far smaller. They have around 60 products in their collection and you can find them in stores in America, Europa, Africa, and of course Israel.

Another small company that is rapidly growing in popularity is Sea of Life. It also makes use of the Dead Sea mud, and they have a growing range of products available across the world.

In short, there is a large number of companies that make use of the Dead Sea minerals in their products. However, there are Israeli cosmetic companies that have nothing to do with the Dead Sea such as Ayala Moriel. The company is named after its owner, an Israeli who now lives in Canada and produces a range of perfumes that evoke the smells of the markets in Israel, and the valleys in the Galilee.

It is not common to think of Israel as a large producer of cosmetics, but once you start looking, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a huge range of companies out there. If you are interested in skin care products, then you can be sure that there will be plenty to explore while on your gap year.