gap year in israel

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I’m Julia, from Johannesburg South Africa. I am so fortunate to be writing to you from vibrant Florentin, Tel Aviv. With Amsterdam Fries, Jacksons, Anitas and the beach (all Aardvark TLV favourites, and highly recommended) on our door step, it’s hard not be having an absolute “jol.”

I came across Aardvark through a post-high school fair run by my school, and am so glad I did. The program has enabled me to grow and develop, through its heavy focus on individual independence. Moreover, I am now part of a family that runs from Down Under all the way up to Canada, and am so lucky to share these crazy memories with this group of phenomenal people.

Aardvark has also given me a platform to learn and explore the state and land of Israel. From trips to the boarder of Gaza to discussions on the IDF, Ulpan classes and tons of fun, I couldn’t have chosen a better experience.

Most people would describe a gap year as a year off. On the contrary, this has been a year ‘on.’ Aardvark has not only privileged me to live in Israel, but has pushed me to become my best self