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Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

It’s been another busy week here in Tel Aviv! We’ve been going on trips; working at our internships; participating in Faces Of Israel, (th)INK, and Cafe Ivrit; as well as enjoying apartment activities and so much more.

On Monday night, our optional activity was called “Cafe Ivrit.” Students came to the moadon (gathering area) to have a café experience, using Hebrew as much as possible. The Madrichim were the waiters, and each table received a menu with useful Hebrew sentences and words. Everyone had a chance to practice their Hebrew over coffee and delicious baked goods from the Levinsky Market, which is located at the heart of Florentine, and right outside our offices.

In the past month, our Sea Sports students have started participated in various water activities. So far it’s been a blast, and we are looking forward to plenty more water adventures!

Preston Sharkey wrote about his Sea Sports experience:

“So far, Sea Sports has been one of my favorite activities on Aardvark. Every Thursday, we get to try a new water sport. We went to the beach and did surfing and paddle boarding the first time, and then we tried wakeboarding this past week. I really enjoyed surfing and wakeboarding because those are two activities I never do back home. The feeling of standing up on the surfboard for the first time was amazing. Now that Sea Sports has started, Thursdays are easily my favorite day of the week.”

Apartment In The Spotlight – Chalutzim 2
By Darbi Shaw

“I feel so lucky to be in Israel right now, especially with all that is going on in the world. Everything about this semester has been amazing, but my favorite part is living with my best friends. The Chalutzim apartments really are a family. We all feel completely comfortable with each other, and we are always there for one another. Everyone is very chill and happy. We cook together, watch tons of Rick and Morty, have loud dance parties at random times in the day, share clothes, and crash on each other’s beds every night. I love that I always have someone to talk to or order Wolt with. We all love and respect each other so much. I wouldn’t want to have spent this semester living anywhere else.”

(th)INK with Rabbi Fivel

We asked Maisie Moskowitz to write about her experience with Rabbi Fivel’s weekly (th)INK sessions:

“Rabbi Fivel’s Tuesday night talks about the Torah are one of my favorite activities on Aardvark. The way Rabbi Fivel talks about the Torah and the questions he asks make you think harder about the ideas and values of the Jewish people. He makes you think about the way certain events are phrased in the text and how they have deeper meanings. When we ask questions about the text he answers them in ways that prompt more questions to find the true, deepest meaning from the interpretation we took from it. The hour a week we spend with Rabbi Fivel is always very insightful and leaves you wanting to know more about the history of the Jewish people and about our connection to the culture and land of Israel.”

Below is next week’s schedule:

Our Madricha on call this weekend is Maya.


Shabbat Shalom,

Here on Aardvark Israel we are thankful every day for so many of the opportunities given to us and the people who help make those experiences possible.

So, we asked some of our current Aardvark Israel students to share with us who they are thankful for. Wishing all of our past, present and future students and families a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!