gap year in israel

“My name is David Blitz, I am from London, and I went to Immanuel College. Currently, I am on the Aardvark Israel Tech Track programme.

For me, the main reason I did the programme was that I was able to spend time in Israel learning a new skill, coding alongside learning more about my country and religion alongside the coding. I have started to learn how to code, and by the end of the first semester, I hope to be a qualified full-stack developer knowing HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
I have also learnt so much about the country of Israel that I did not know before by exploring the country every Tuesday on our Tiyul Tuesday as well as on free weekends and also a lot more about the politics in the country and the Israel-Palesitine conflict. I have gained so many skills like being able to live and cook by myself to just name a few.

I couldn’t have imagined a better experience with great support from the Madrichim and all the Aardvark staff as well as meeting people from all over the world and creating friendships with people from Venezuela, England, America and Canada.

If I had to share one meaningful moment, it would have to be when the Aardvark Jerusalem community along with one of the Tel Aviv communities went on a trip for 3 days to Kibbutz Ketura in the South of Israel near Eilat. Here we were able to properly meet everyone and make more friendships with the people on Aardvark whilst doing activities like visiting sand dunes and sitting by a bonfire.”