gap year in israel

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It’s hard to imagine what these people who live near the Gaza border have to face everyday, knowing that day could end in tragedy. The day starts as a calm and peaceful day, when they are going around their daily business, when there could be a ‘Tzeva Adom’ (red color) siren which means they got seconds to find a shelter. The people who live in the kibbutzim near the Gaza border or even closer like Nativ Ha’Asara know that living there is a risk, but for them it’s a risk worth taking. When I was there on Tuesday, I felt part of what that community life is like. We listened to a woman who grew up there, and learned how she’s trying to make a difference with her ceramics. Along the wall, people put ceramics up to create images of peace; some of these ceramic images can even be seen in Gaza.
Jacob weiser