gap year in israel

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Dear Aardvark Families,

We are having an exciting and interesting first day here at Aardvark Jerusalem!  The students have arrived safe and sound from the airport! Our building is a-buzz with students getting to know each other.  Throughout the day, the students had time to unpack and rest, and we treated them to falafel and shawarma for lunch.

Tonight, the staff and I met with the students to discuss the upcoming days in a bit more detail.  We will also be getting to know each other through a number of activities planned by the counselors (madrichim) and playing some team building games, and we will end the day with a festive dinner at Cafe Greg. Our orientation is packed with sessions that will help the students become better acquainted with our program and our neighborhood.  Shabbat in Jerusalem will undoubtedly be a highlight as well! Following Shabbat, on Sunday and Monday we will be going on an overnight trip to the Negev where we will be meeting all the Tel Aviv students as well. 

Our Madrichim:





Each week, I will send out the schedule for the following week.  I will also provide you with fun updates and highlights of the past week and the weeks to come throughout the semester.  We are all looking forward to a wonderful year with your children and to sharing it with you virtually as well!

Best Regards,