gap year in israel

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My name is Sylvie Green, I am from London, and I went to JFS. I’m now living in Jerusalem but soon moving to Tel Aviv with Aardvark. I always felt that I should have a strong connection with Israel given that my dad’s family is from there and that my grandfather’s uncle was David Ben Gurion – the man that literally founded Israel as a state! I never really felt that strong connection with Israel until I came on Aardvark. I think this is because Aardvark has enabled me to explore Israel by my own accord rather than seeing through the eyes of a little girl on holiday with her family.

I’m obsessed with Jerusalem. Everything stems from the broad range of people, the spiritual aura that haunts the city to the general academic vibe of this place.
I intern at Lightricks, a tech company that specialises in photo editing apps including Facetune.

Living alone, in this incredible city, in this awe-inspiring country, and working in such a progressive company is a dream come true!