gap year in israel

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Israel is well known for its culture of start-ups and a number of hugely successful companies have emerged over the last decade or so. There are new start-ups appearing all of the time and some of them are excellent demonstrations of the vibrancy and culture that can be found across the country.

Photography apps are hugely popular, just look at Instagram which still has a growing number of users. Thanks to improvements in cameras on smartphones and apps such as Instagram pretty much anyone can now take a decent looking photo. Yosef Adest and Shai Davis decided to harness this worldwide phenomenon and founded 52Frames, an app that offers weekly photo challenges to help people take more contextual photos.

If you like exploring new cities and you intend to visit some places in Israel for the first time during your gap year then you should take a look at Voyjer. The app is designed to help you make plans like a local. You get a personal concierge-style customised itinerary mapped out for you for every minute that you’re there. The trips are designed by locals to allow you to live like a local and they provide valuable insights wherever you go.

Israelis love food and eating together and the Israeli developed app EatWith is a perfect example of high-tech mixed with local customs. You can connect with locals that fit your culinary needs and get to the heart of a city without having to explore it all. You can sign up to enjoy a home cooked meal with other travelers and locals which will be hosted by an EatWith approved chef. There is no better way to get an insight into local cuisine.

Just as it has become much easier to take photos it has also become much easier to film things and Tel Avivians are particularly well known for filming the city’s action. Veed. Me is a video creation marketplace that connects businesses that need a video with a community of videographers who can create them.

Aspiring musicians may have already heard of the start-up JoyTunes which is trying to revolutionise piano playing. The idea is to use games to teach people how to play the piano and it is a typical example of how Israelis are always looking for ways to learn and grow in a fun way. The app can help everyone brush up on their piano skills but it is too early to tell if it will produce the next great virtuoso.

Israeli’s also love to travel and love a good bargain. The site SuperFly helps you to plan your trips and save money while doing so. SuperFly allows you to manage all of your rewards in one place and find the best value flight for your trip. It is an excellent tool for those travelling on a budget and could soon revolutions travel for the better.

In short, if you pick up on an aspect of Israeli culture that you like, you’ll probably find that there is an app for it being developed somewhere around the country.