gap year in israel

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by Josh Glucksman

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year, I am sure the phrase “14-day quarantine” will ring a bell, and possibly stir up some strong emotions. It definitely did for me when I was told that upon my arrival to Israel this September, I would be swiftly whisked away from Ben Gurion airport and brough straight to my apartment.
When we got there, quarantine meant to me I wouldn’t be able to meet new people on my program, go out to eat, or see the beauty of Jerusalem. However, it quickly became about one thing; the ten meters maximum that I had to move in one direction.
In our outdoor patio, which is around 8 meters by 4 meters, my roommates and I realized that movement will be of the utmost importance for the 14 days. We took inventory and came up with the exact two things necessary to sustain life on earth: a jump rope and resistance bands.
We would do some form of “cardio” every day—this just means lots of burpees and jump roping. I would say that it’s really hard to stick to a routine and keep it, but, to be honest, any more sitting in my bed and watching Netflix would physically hurt. So, the bidud saying should be “keep to and stick to a routine; you’re going to need it.” So, in light of my fortnight-long expertise, I can happily share my routine for all future isolationists (a COVID, not foreign policy term):
3-day push/pull/legs workout routine.
Equipment needed: Bands, and something to wrap them around.
Sets and reps: up to you. It’s a resistance band workout, so you aren’t going to pass out from failure. Do a lot of reps if you only have one band.

Pistol Squats (no bands needed)
Calf Raises
Hamstring curl
Quad extension

Tricep extension
Push up (no band needed)
Military Press
Arnold Press
Standing incline bench

Preacher Curl
Hammer Curl
Lat Pulldown