My name is Caroline Emma Press, and I’m from New York City.

It has been a dream of mine to live in Israel since I was younger. I’ve spent a lot of time here throughout the years and always felt a deep connection to it. It has always felt like a second home. I had been considering a gap year for quite some time and knew Israel was the place to spend it. I researched many Israeli gap year programs and immediately settled on Aardvark Israel. From the exciting and informative field trips to the captivating weekly speakers to the unique internship experience – Aardvark sounded like the perfect combination of everything a gap-year student could want abroad. After learning how to code for the first half of my gap year, I decided to take advantage of Israel’s thriving startup industry; I am currently interning at a travel tech start-up called Bridgify which provides travelers with a fully personalized trip itinerary using artificial intelligence. It has been a great experience and has inspired me to study Computer Science in college.

After Aardvark finishes, I am hoping to work at a New York-based incubator/venture capital firm. I then attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Fun fact: I have never broken a bone!

Caroline emma press