gap year in israel

My name is Charlotte Myer and I’m from Manchester, England. I grew up going to a Jewish school which emphasized the importance of Israel, because of this I always knew I wanted to come to Israel for a gap year. I wanted to live in Israel for a short period of time in my life and thought before I go to university is the perfect time to do so.

I chose Aardvark Israel because of the amazing internship opportunities it offered and the good balance between work and free time. I am going to study English Literature at Bristol University and being able to do journalism in my gap year is an amazing work experience for this.
I internship for פוליטיקלי קוראת׳’- politically correct- which is a Feminist Newspaper. I’m in the process of writing articles about things I am passionate about and helping the company get in touch with similar organizations worldwide for a big project. I love the company I work for and what it stands for.

Fun fact: I have been vegan for four years!

Charlotte myer