gap year in israel

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My name is Gina Shankman, I am from South Africa, specifically Johannesburg. I went to school at King David Linksfield High school.

I was always hesitant to take a gap year and never really wanted to but I knew I needed to as I wanted to meet new people, make memories, and learn new things about a variety of topics. When I found out about Aardvark Israel, looked more into it, and read about the mini-courses and classes offered, the internships they allow you to participate in and how it is a program with people from all over the world, it immediately caught my attention as well as teaching me not only how to live independently, but in a different country, as well as exploring parts of Israel.

I am doing my volunteer work at MADA stationed in Ramat Gan, where I learn life-saving skills, and will soon be starting to work with paramedics, on a real ambulance!

After this gap year, I cannot exactly say what I want to do, but I am looking into equine therapy.

Fun fact: I am a competitive horse rider.

Gina shankman