gap year in israel

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“My name is Grant Titlebaum and I am from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Solon. I chose to go on a gap year to mature and better myself. Also, back home is kind of a bubble for me. All my family and friends live around me. I work close to home and I don’t travel without my family. So the chance to go to a country on the other side of the world and travel with people I never met before really piqued my interest. I was recommended to Aardvark Israel by a family friend because she did it and loved it. And the more I looked into it, the more I knew this was the program for me. I get to intern at the restaurant Port Sa’id, learning Israeli cuisine from one of Israel’s top chefs, Eyal Shani. When I do return home, I will return to work and go to Alaska in June. Also, I have to finalize my steps to start at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the fall.

Fun fact: I like to take apart old tech to see how it works and get it working again.

Grant titlebaum