gap year in israel

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Nowadays people rush through life. In chasing our first paycheck, the modern generation will oftentimes pick going directly to university, over taking a gap year. In my view, it denies many humans the ability to satisfy our potent, innate feeling of curiosity, at a time in our lives when it is arguably most important. I wanted to break out of this tried-and-tested template for life, launch into an adventure and take the time to discover what my true passions are. Understanding oneself better only ever leads to greater things. And, the fear, preventing us from detaching from the herd, often kills our future. It kills the pursuit of the unknown. As Lewis Carroll once said, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” And I take this to heart.

One of the greatest aspects of travel is integrating yourself into the culture and society of the area you are in. I knew Aardvark Israel would allow me to do this without fail. Also being a Jewish state, I knew that I would experience a strong sense of community here.

Originally from London, England

Fun fact: I absolutely love learning languages and currently have a grasp of 7 foreign languages: German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Arabic.

I am doing my internship at Ecomotion, an international community of startups and companies within the smart mobility and innovation sector.

Isaac sanders