gap year in israel

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My sister had the option to partake in a gap year but she decided to go to college right after high school. From that moment I knew that I wanted to go on a gap year and I’m glad I did. All my friends decided to go to college but I decided to go to Israel for 9 months, where I would learn some Hebrew, take classes, and travel around Israel. I decided to do the Aardvark Israel because it offered an internship, while Also offering academic classes, learning Hebrew, and meaningful activities which are basically what I wanted from my gap year. Before I came to Israel I was worried about am I making the right choice and now that I’m here I can definitely say I have. I learned it’s normal to feel worried about something that can change the way of life that you’re used to. I wanted to push my limits and do things that I was uncomfortable with. I think this gap year program teaches people to go outside their comfort zone.

The company that I am an intern for is called Sagi & Co. The company is an innovation strategy and design firm which has helped to deliver hundreds of successful projects for hi-tech companies like Nike, Apple, Avis, and more.

Originally from: California, the U.S

A fun fact about me is I love baking and doing a type of woodworking called wood burning.

Jacob weiser