gap year in israel

My name is Josh Green, I was born and raised right near Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and now I’m just nearing the end of 4 months of living in Tel Aviv.

After graduating from Moriah College in October of 2022 I decided to spend a semester with Aardvark. To me, Aardvark Israel presented a great opportunity to form new friendships with people from all around the world and develop independence within a unique city. Although I came from a great group of mates back home, I can confidently say that through these 4 months, I have made lifelong friendships.

I spend my weekdays as a Project Management Intern for Basis Tech – an invaluable opportunity to experience the unique Israeli workspace whilst learning essential skills for future jobs.

After the program, I hope to backpack through Europe before studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Fun fact: This photo is actually from a hike on an Aardvark trip in Gondar. The gun was held in case of baboons (if needed!)

Josh green