gap year in israel

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My name is Joshua Thomas Birnbaum, and I’m from Belgium. When I was 13, I left Belgium and moved to London. I have always felt close to Israel, from going on camp in Israel to even coming to visit my family here. I have always felt close to Israel and always thought it would be nice to live there for some time. My mum actually introduced me to the idea of having a gap year. None of my siblings had ever taken a gap year so I assumed that I would neither. However, the more I researched it the more I liked the idea of taking one. I found out that some of my friend’s siblings went on Aardvark Israel and really enjoyed it.

After they explained the program I decided to choose Aardvark for my gap year program.
One of the reasons why I chose Aardvark is due to the

This semester I have been working for the green energy company called Gigawatt Global. They focus on placing solar panels in underdeveloped countries in Africa. I have enjoyed my experience there, from conducting research to creating spreadsheets. I am glad that this experience has improved my research skills which will be useful when I’m at university. In September I’m going to study International business
and finance at the University of Leeds.

Fun fact: I started skiing when I was 3 years old!

Joshua thomas birnbaum