gap year in israel

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My family always pushed me to do a gap year and I could not be more grateful that I listened to them as this year has changed my life. Through Aardvark Israel I have met lifelong friends, learned how to live independently, discovered what Israel means to me, received real work experience, and so much more. Currently, I intern at AV Israel where I help in two main areas: speech therapy and cochlear implant mapping. During speech therapy, I try to create games that offer different ways for people who have recently had cochlear implants to learn how to speak Hebrew. During the cochlear implant mapping, I learn how to adjust a cochlear implant so that the electrodes are at a perfect threshold for each individual person. Overall, I have learned a lot by being a part of Aardvark and I can’t wait for the rest of the semester!

Originally from South Florida

Fun Fact: I know American Sign Language and currently am learning Israeli Sign Language.

Shayna dash