gap year in israel

My name is Taya Samuels, I’m from Melbourne Australia and went to Mount Scopus Memorial College.

I chose to go on a gap year because I realised that after such intense studying in year 12, I was not ready to go to uni and start studying again so a gap year offered me the long break I needed. I chose Aardvark Israel because it consists of everything I wanted in a gap year, including independent living, traveling, and Camp America!

I’m currently interning at Minute Media in their product team, working on website migration. Even though I was originally aiming for the marketing position, they offered a place in the product team as they needed more people so I was willing to give it a go as I have never dabbled in anything tech related. I am manually migrating their NFL and NBA Fansided websites from the software developer called WordPress to their new website developer called Voltax, recreating all elements of the websites. I always look forward to going into the office because the work environment is amazing and I love my daily experience there! I especially love the arcade machines, pool tables, bean bags, and coffee machines!

After my gap year, I will work and study Politics International Relations, and Law at Melbourne Uni!

Fun fact: I talk to my roommates in my sleep”.

Taya samuels