gap year in israel

Jerusalem Weekly – July 22, 2021

Activity with the madrichim

Dear Parents and Students,   This week we spent some time summarizing and procesing our experience from the semester, but also enjoyed fun trips and fun activities.   On Monday, we gathered for an activity with the Madrichim. The counsellors prepared a room for the students full of candles and notes, and for an hour we […]

Jerusalem Weekly – July 15, 2021

Trip to the northern galilee

Dear Parents and Students,   The program is coming to an end soon, but we’ve had an amazing week. We’re taking advantage of every moment! Last weekend, we had a great Shabbaton all together in Tel Aviv. Friday night, the students went to a variety of synagougues and then we gathered all together at our […]

Jerusalem Weekly – July 8, 2021

Idf army experience

Dear Parents and Students,   Sar-El week has finally arrived and the students left to have their IDF Army experience. During the week, the students volunteered in different areas and had an opportunity to learn more about Israeli society, speak to soldiers, and experience a little bit of the Israeli Army culture. Sar-El was an […]

Jerusalem Weekly – July 4, 2021

Gan hashlosha, a well-known water park to the west of the bet she’an valley

Hello Parents and Students,This week was filled with exciting new experiences.On Sunday, we heard from “Gift of Life,” an organization that deals with citizens of the United States, about bone marrow transplants. We discussed Pikuach Nefech (saving a life) and social responsibility. At the end of the educational session, the students were given an opportunity to […]

Jerusalem Weekly – June 24, 2021


Hello Parents and Students,This week included some enlightening and some just-for-fun activities. On Sunday, the students went to Sacher Garden with their Madrichim for some outdoor activities, and also enjoyed the weather and cold coffee.  This week for FOI (Faces of Israel), the students heard the fascinating story about the disengagement from Gush Katin 2005; […]

Jerusalem Weekly – June 17, 2021

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Hello Parents and Students,This week was fun and exciting, filled with great discussions and events. On Sunday, we celebrated with Israel, the formation of a new unity government in Israel, after 4 rounds of elections!!! This week, we also started new Chugim, one of which was “Get in the Driver’s Seat of Life” with Avi Engelhart. According to Avi, […]

Jerusalem Weekly – June 10, 2021

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Hello Parents and Students,This past week was filled with exciting activities. On Sunday, we were divided into two groups: the Eilat group, and the Extreme group. On Monday, students on the Extreme Track went paragliding along the Mediterrranean coast near Kibbutz Shefayim. (Photo credit below: Shoshana Scott) This Monday we went paragliding, and it was an amazing […]

Summer Trips

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

This week our students got the chance to travel through Israel, up north, and in Eilat, the Southeast city in Israel. The students who chose to travel up north experienced some of the beauty Israel has to offer, hiking through rivers and the Sea of Gallilee in a well-known trip called Yam-El-Yam, that almost every […]

Jerusalem Weekly – June 3, 2021

Extreme track went for rappelling on the walls of the old city of jerusalem

Hello Parents and Students,This week was very exciting with new apartments and new experiences! On Sunday, the big move arrived, and after a long day of finishing up packing, cleaning, and arranging, we moved to the new apartments. Finally our entire community lives in one building now, at Ussishkin 59, Jerusalem. On Monday, some of us decided […]

Jerusalem Weekly – May 27, 2021

Aardvark israel hosted a prom night

Hello Parents and Students, This week, following the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, things were less stressful and we were able to get some rest after last week’s amazing Golan Heights trip.   On Sunday night, Aardvark Israel hosted a Prom Night! The students had an opportunity to mingle and say goodbye to their friends from […]