gap year in israel

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October was a month filled with challenges, but more importantly triumphs! As we approached the end of the strict regulations, we began to truly explore the beauty that Israel has to offer.
Our Jerusalem group began their adventure down south in the oasis of the desert , Kibbutz Ketura. While Tel Aviv was able to enjoy the rich history that Yafo has to offer. After 3 days the groups switched, to ensure that all our students were able to enjoy while following the Ministry of Healths guidelines. As the days remain warm, the nights has begun to take on a feeling of Fall, so now was the perfect time to travel to the river and nature reserve of Ein Prat to comfortably enjoy a hike through the historic river / valley which acted as an aqueduct as far back as 2nd Century BCE for the area of Jericho.
With all the new experiences outside of their homes, the students have also had the opportunity to begin working on their internships in person. With this new stage, the students are able to have interactions with Israelis in the workplace, create an environment where they are able to be mentored by their bosses, and also gives them the oppertunity to learn about their fellow Co-Workers in a more personal environemnt.
(According to the Ministry of Healths Guidelines).

Internship in the Spotlight – FEMJLM

My name is Alice Goyer and I am an intern at Fem JLM, Jerusalem’s first women in Tech & Entrepreneurship community. For the last 3 weeks, I have been assisting my boss in planning a brand new course called FemForward to help advance women from junior to management positions. On Monday night, I got to see my work come to fruition as we hosted our first in-person lecture at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.The handouts I had been working on for weeks were finally printed and given out to participants. I got to greet the women, the lecturer and speakers, and took pictures with everyone, including the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem for Foreign Relations and Tourism.
The lecture itself was inspiring as we heard about how to build a foundation that will help us to achieve our personal and professional goals.
Overall, I loved planning and helping run this event and hope that as the semester goes on I get to participate in more in-person aspects of my job. After all, these days it’s nice to have something to actually dress and show up for.

Aardvark Israel student Sophie Harris from San Diego, California, takes us around Jerusalem showing us her favorite spots from the two months she has lived here.

Magen David Adom

This week a group of Aardvark students finished their EMS training with Magen David Adom, Israel’s Ambulance Service. After passing the written and practical exams, they are now certified MDA volunteers.

Through this experience, the students will gain many skills in the medical field, while being immersed in one of the most unique Israeli experiences. They will be dedicating their time during their gap year to helping people and even saving lives.

Each week, our students come together and celebrate Shabbat as a family.

This month they filmed themselves preparing for Shabbat and creating new traditions.