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Weekly email - aardvark israel - september 15th

Shalom parents and students!

Our students are getting to know Israel on foot, taking advantage of Israel’s never-ending summer. They traveled to Israel’s most beautiful springs, the familiar ones, and the less familiar ones, even some that most Israelis don’t even know 🙃 Scroll down to see what they have been up to this week!

Nachal (river) alon
Nachal (river) alon
Nachal (river) alon

Florentin community traveled to the beautiful Nachal (river) Alon, up north. Later, they drove to Dalyat Al-Karmel, a Druze village, where they met with members of the community there. They learned about Druze culture, their connection to the land and the State of Israel, and how coexistence affects them here in Israel.

Our Jerusalem community traveled to Nachal Arugut, near the Dead Sea. This beautiful spot has fresh streams running right in the middle of the desert. After a short hike, they enjoyed a refreshing deep in the cold water.

Levontin community traveled to the Shvil Ha’Maayanot, near Jerusalem. It is right by the Israel trail, which goes all the way from north to south, with six little streams and pools, where the students could swim. Well, that’s exactly what we need on a hot summer day!

Last but definitely not least, our Rothschild community visited Ein Gedi, down south, near the Dead Sea. The river has running water all year, and little pools and waterfalls all around it. After a short hike, our students could enjoy the freshwater, and even got to see the Dead Sea on their way back! Don’t worry, they will have a proper visit to the Dead Sea soon enough 😊

Aviv shaul, who talked to them about diversity in israeli society

This week, our Florentin community met Aviv Shaul, who talked to them about diversity in Israeli society. Our students posed interesting questions and engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Aviv. Instead of traveling to South America, India, or Australia like many Israelis do after their military service, Aviv took a post-army trip in Israel, wandering among Israeli families about the unity and differences in the Israeli society.

Our Sea Sports students are having the best time ever; this week they wakeboarded in Lake TLV and surfed at Gordon Beach! Sea Sports is just one of many add-ons students can choose to join; we also offer: Entrepreneurship Track, Aardvark Extreme, MADA – Israel Emergency Sevices, Marva army experience, and Selah, our Jewish Enrichment Track.

Surf's up, joel!
Surf's up, Joel!
Looks awesome, alex!
Looks awesome, Alex!
Laser tag

Woop, watch out! The Jerusalem community’s coming to get you! Just kidding, they played laser tag this week and they sure look fierce!

Next week, all our communities will travel way south (and when we say south, we mean right by Eilat) to experience Kibbutz life in Ketura! They will spend three days there and participate in different activities. We will tell you all about it next week, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend,