gap year in israel
Food tours in jeruslaem and tel aviv
Shalom Parents and Students! 
This week, we officially started our outdoor activities, and what a wonderful time to be outside, when Fall is starting and the temperatures are dropping. We started the week with an optional Zoom Havdalah on Saturday night, and AMAZING food tours in Jeruslaem and Tel Aviv, where we interacted with locals in Machne Yehuda Shuk and in Levinsky Market. We sampled delicious food, including falafel, empanadas, hummus, ice cream, and burekas.  
Cheers, guys!
Cheers, guys!
Fresh, healthy juice anyone?
Fresh, healthy juice anyone?
Trying out the local falafel in levinsky market
Trying out the local falafel in Levinsky Market
Did anyone order hummus?!
Did anyone order hummus?!
Our students also participated in a Guru Zuzu tour, where we walked around the streets, interacting with locals in a funny, informal manner.
Additionally, our Tel Aviv students went surfing and bike riding on the promenade, just like locals! 
Elysha, elliott, and max enjoying a beach day!
Elysha, Elliott, and Max enjoying a beach day!
Evening bike ride along the tel-aviv promenade
Evening bike ride along the Tel-Aviv promenade
Tel-aviv students in an outdoor team-building activity
Tel-Aviv students in an outdoor team-building activity
Evelyn and shayna enjoying outdoor team building
Evelyn and Shayna enjoying outdoor team building
As the holidays continue and Yom Kippur passed this week, we look forward to Sukkot. This means we started building our Aardvarkian Sukkot, along with Gabe, our Jewish Life Coordinator
Daniel, dror, sam, nechama, and joseph in their partly finished sukkah
Daniel, Dror, Sam, Nechama, and Joseph in their partly finished Sukkah
Jerusalem students building their sukkah with gabe
Jerusalem students building their Sukkah with Gabe
On Monday, our Jerusalem community staff organized a ‘Forgive Me For Asking’ Q&A session – a unique Israeli format, which allows the participants ask EVERYTHING they have on their minds, about Israel, Israelis, Judaism, religion in Israel, etc. 
On Tuesday we had our first Tuesday Tiyul! Right before summer ends, we traveled to Nachal Ha’Kibbutzim, one of the most famous water treks in Israel, near Emek Beit She’an. We then traveled to Katef Shaul observatory in Mount Gilboa and learned about the biblical period, and the connection of this place to Judasim and the land of Israel. 
Next week, we will celebrate Sukkot and start our internship routine. Have a great holiday!