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Shalom Parents!

Our week is just about to end and Pesach is already here!

Yesterday we came back from the north of Israel, The Golan Heights. The tiyul started with an overview of the south of the Golan Heights. Our tour guide, Tuvia Scott, gave us a talk on the work that was carried out in order ensure the Golan’s existence. From fighting and guarding, building the kibbutzim and cities, to planting each and every tree. He said that all of us have the ability to create change and influence our surroundings.

From the summit trail (Shvil Hapisga) overlook, we drove all the way to Tzfat for a walking tour of the ancient part of the city. Those of you who haven’t been there are seriously missing out! The city is old and not so fancy but it has its magic. At first, we went through the city’s markets. Did you know that the song sung during the Kabbalat Shabbat service, Lecha Dodi (לכה דודי) was written in Tzfat?

After a beautiful walking tour of the city and its synagogues and a little bit of free time in the market, we headed to Um El Kuntar – (Mother of the Rainbows). At this amazing site there is a synagogue from the 15th century that has been undergoing reconstruction for the past 12 years – How? (Great question!) Scientists from Bar Ilan University installed a chip in every ruined rock from the synagogue in order to utilize computers to understand where each rock was originally located. This is how they are slowly, step by step building it from scratch exactly how it was back then.

We ended the day in the village Aloney Habashan where we slept for the night. There, after a good dinner, the whole group gathered for the annual Talent show. Many students had prepared an act for the group. Eliana Cantor sang 2 songs (one of which she wrote), Noa Sperber as part of her break out, played the song “Sweet Caroline” on the guitar, she played beautifully and then when she got to the chorus the whole group, both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, were singing along :”Sweet Caroline, pa pa pa!” and that was only after only 2 weeks of practice! Aitan Haviv and Daniel Bard went on the stage with their MDA coats to brief the group about the dangers of nature. There were many more performances from the Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem groups. We went to sleep that night very happy and proud.

The second day of the tiyul started with a hike in Nahal EL Al. We had beautiful weather that was perfect for hiking and a short dip in the water under the beautiful waterfalls that we passed along the hike. It was wonderful!

After the hike and a good lunch break, the students chose where they wanted to end the tiyul. Oz 77 or Mount Bental. Those who went to Bental Mount could see the Syrian border and parts of the Syrian cities!
Now the students have almost finished cleaning their apartments and soon they will be leaving with their Hebrew teachers and madrichim to the zoo for a Hebrew tour. We are all very excited about it. Then in the evening, we will all gather for the last time before spring break for the Aardvark Seder! The culture committee has prepared some cool surprises for the event.

Before we start the holiday, I want to pass on some important information:

1. During the holiday there will be a madrich on call. In case you need something that can’t wait until the end of Pesach here is the list of madrichim on call by dates:
7-9.4 – Daniel Shimoni +972 54 664 5663
10-12.4 Elad Zada +972 50 475 8811
13-15.4 Naama Binder +972 54 220 3716
16-17.4 Maya Himan +972 52 810 5028

2. In case you are nearby and want to come and see the office we are still open (except for Lel Hasder and the second holiday). Feel free to come by!

That will be all for now,

Chag Sameah (Happy Holiday) and Shabbat Shalom

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