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Dear Parents,

Although there is WiFi on most flights these days, Adi entrusted me to send the weekly email in his place. He is currently in the air somewhere over Asia on his way with the Aardvark International trip to China! Having lead this trip in the past, I can tell you they are off for an incredible adventure. And, this past week was exciting in Tel Aviv as well…

On Monday, the madrichim met the students in a coffee shop located near the office for “Café Dilemma.” Each student got a hot drink “on the house” (courtesy of Aardvark). In addition, each table received two menus: one with food options and one with discussion topics which included, “The relationship between Israel and the Diaspora,” “Faith and Beliefs,” and “Love and Relationships.” The hottest topic of discussion, as you can imagine, was about love. What is stronger? Love between friends or a romantic love? That question got a lot of arguments and opinions.

On Tuesday, we all headed out to the fields with “Leket Israel,” an NGO that helps fight poverty in Israel. We arrived to a beautiful orange grove and rolled up our sleeves. This orchard provides food to many families and while many farmers are involved in raising the crops, they need a lot of hands to pick the fruit from the trees! Aardvark Tel Aviv answered the calling and picked A LOT of oranges (and ate some as well!) According to the Leket staff who accompanied us, the oranges we picked will feed over 125 families! It is something we can really be proud of.

On Sea Sports Track this week, the students went with Elad to a trampoline park. Not only was it a great physical workout, but they had a lot of fun. In addition to jumping, they had the chance to put on inflatable suits which were ball shaped. Jumping into each other while inside the enormous beach balls was hilarious and tons of fun!

The Promoters Committee met last Tuesday to discuss the last month of the semester to see what events are going on that they will publicize to the group. They decided to create in the moadon the “Promoters tree.” The tree will contain all the interesting stuff going on in the city and they will update it with news and exciting events! We’ll send you pictures of it once it will be ready.

The Culture Committee met as well to decide what will be the final event for Aardvark Tel Aviv. They are not sharing so much right now but, I can tell you that the walls are thin in the office and it sounds like we are going to have something great! They were really debating on what should we do and great ideas were being discussed.

While Adi is away in China this coming week, the counselors and I are available for any questions you may have that would have otherwise been addressed to Adi.

Have a great weekend!


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