gap year in israel

Student of the Week – Lili Dagan

Lili dagan

My name is Lili Dagan and I’m from South Florida and graduated from American Heritage High School in Delray Beach. I stayed connected to Israel and its culture through Israeli Scouts Tzofim. I volunteered as a counselor there for four years passing on my knowledge and love for Israel to my chanichim. I chose to […]

Student of the Week – Rachel Kitaygorodsky

Rachel kitaygorodsky

My name is Rachel Kitaygorodsky, I’m originally from New York and I went to high school in South Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I chose to go on a gap year because I felt as though it would be an amazing and unique challenge that I would not get to experience in college. I chose […]

Student of the Week – Schlomi Asarja Soussan

Schlomi asarja soussan

My name is Schlomi Asarja Soussan and I am from Frankfurt, Germany. I went to the Jewish School in Frankfurt (I.E. Lichtigfeldschule) I wanted to go on a Gap Year because I was quite young when finishing school and wanted to enhance my skills, as well as get to know more people. I was also […]

Student of the Week – Noa El Bez

Noa el bez

My name is Noa El Bez, from Geneva, Switzerland. I recently graduated from the International School of Geneva. Instead of rushing into college, I chose to do a gap year to know more about who I am. What are my strengths and my weaknesses? My decision to join Aardvark Israel was to connect with my […]

Student of the Week – Andres Justus

Andres justus

My name is Andres Justus, I’m from Mexico City, and I went to the American School Foundation. I chose Aardvark Israel to gain a deeper understanding of my Jewish heritage and have the opportunity to meet some amazing people along the way. This semester, I will intern at Targo Consulting. After this gap year, I’m […]

Alumni of the Month – Camelia Freites

Cameila freites

My name is Camelia Freites, I’m from Argentina but currently I’m living in Israel. I did Aardvark Israel in 2020 and lived in Florentine, Tel Aviv for 8 months. After finishing high school I knew I wanted to travel. I’m from a small city in Argentina and back then I felt I had so much to […]

Alumni of the Month – Caleigh Blumenow

Caleigh blumenow

My name is Caleigh Blumenow, I’m from Johannesburg South Africa and I went to King David Linksfiled High School. I was an Aardvark Isreal student in Jerusalem this past semester and currently working at a summer camp in the US as part of the Aardvark Semester Plus Program, where I traveled to New York and […]

Alumni of the Month – Eytan Fainman

Eytan fainman

Although my pride as a Jew was strong and reinforced in Johannesburg, South Africa; I had always known I would make the move to Israel as soon as I finished high school. Many questions arose during this time, like what would I do? When and what will I study? And what program could I even […]

Alumni of the Month – Maya Laufer

Maya laufer

My name is Maya and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I am currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A few years ago, back in 2020, I did Aardvark Israel and it was the best experience of my life. I lived in Tel Aviv in an apartment with 4 other girls that are now my best […]

Alumni of the Month – Ella Newell

Ella newell

My name is Ella Newell am originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, and today I live in Herzliya, Israel.I attended Aardvark Israel in the Fall of 2019, until the Spring of 2020. After finishing high school I decided I wanted to take a year to discover more of my Jewish identity and see how it played […]