gap year in israel

Alumni of the Month – Camelia Freites

Cameila freites

My name is Camelia Freites, I’m from Argentina but currently I’m living in Israel. I did Aardvark Israel in 2020 and lived in Florentine, Tel Aviv for 8 months. After finishing high school I knew I wanted to travel. I’m from a small city in Argentina and back then I felt I had so much to […]

Alumni of the Month – Caleigh Blumenow

Caleigh blumenow

My name is Caleigh Blumenow, I’m from Johannesburg South Africa and I went to King David Linksfiled High School. I was an Aardvark Isreal student in Jerusalem this past semester and currently working at a summer camp in the US as part of the Aardvark Semester Plus Program, where I traveled to New York and […]

Alumni of the Month – Eytan Fainman

Eytan fainman

Although my pride as a Jew was strong and reinforced in Johannesburg, South Africa; I had always known I would make the move to Israel as soon as I finished high school. Many questions arose during this time, like what would I do? When and what will I study? And what program could I even […]

Alumni of the Month – Maya Laufer

Maya laufer

My name is Maya and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I am currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A few years ago, back in 2020, I did Aardvark Israel and it was the best experience of my life. I lived in Tel Aviv in an apartment with 4 other girls that are now my best […]

Alumni of the Month – Ella Newell

Ella newell

My name is Ella Newell am originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, and today I live in Herzliya, Israel.I attended Aardvark Israel in the Fall of 2019, until the Spring of 2020. After finishing high school I decided I wanted to take a year to discover more of my Jewish identity and see how it played […]

Alumni of the Month – Ben Wahba

Ben whaba

My name is Ben Whaba, I’m from Portland, Oregon and today I live in Herzliya, Israel. I did Aardvark Israel from January to August 2020. I chose to do a gap year because I needed a break after many years of school, and I chose Aardvark because it looked great to me and I didn’t […]

Alumni of the Month – Isaac Shapiro

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My name is Isaac Shapiro, I am from Bellingham, Washington, and today I am living in Herzliya. I did Aardvark in September 2019. I chose Aardvark because I always wanted to live in Israel and it’s the perfect program to meet people from all around the world. After being on Aardvark Israel I really fell […]

Alumni of the Month – Daniel Judcowicz

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My name is Daniel Judcowicz, I’m originally from Vancouver and today I live in Florentine, the same neighborhood I was living in on gap year. I did Aardvark Israel from January 2020- August 2020. In Vancouver, not many people travel or take a gap year before college. I did 6 months of traveling in Brazil […]

Alumni of the Month – Shoham Korzia

Shoham korzia

I’m Shoham Korzia, from Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating from Torah Academy in 2022, I made the exciting decision to take a gap year before starting university. I discovered Aardvark Israel, which offered me a unique chance to experience independent life in Israel while learning to code and connecting with incredible people from all over […]

Alumni of the Month – Dani Cinnamon

Alumni - dani cinnamon

My name is Dani Cinnamon, I’m 18 and from Perth, Western Australia. I did Aardvark from January 2023 – May 2023. I always knew I wanted to take a gap year as I wasn’t ready to go straight into university! For months I was struggling to find a program that was right for me and […]